Damage Policy

    What if the Product gets Damaged while Renting?
Answer: There are strict Guidelines which are meant to be followed by every Lessee.

In General, All Rental Platforms takes some Governement ID Proofs and some money in Advance as a Product's Security Deposit. People can follow this system. If a product gets some scratches then it can be bearable but if the situation of the product becomes worse then The Lessee who took that product on Rent should pay the repair cost or They should bring it in the same working condition as before.
We RentEra can help you in getting the Residential details of the Lessee. As the dealing is done among the Lessor and the Lessee, we are not responsible for any Damage. We are just a Platform helping Lesoors in Growing their Businesses. We just showcase their products and provide the best service by connecting the Lessor to the Lessee.