What is RentEra?
Answer: RentEra is an Online Renting Platform, Connecting Lessor to the Lessee.
    What does the term Lessor means?
Answer: A person who leases or lets his product/thing to another for a certain amount. Basically, a person who keeps his product/thing for Rent.
    What does the term Lessee means?
Answer: a person who holds the lease of a product; a tenant in other words. In simple words we can say it as "A person who takes a product on Rent by paying some amount to the Lessor"
    Can I Rent out my Things on RentEra?
Answer: Yes, you can Rent out your things on Our Platform.
    How can I Rent out my Things on RentEra?
Answer: For the initial stages, Just by simply filling the Google form Available in the header of our website or you can ping us on any social media platforms. Advanced stages will include an account to add the products.
    What do I get if I Rent out my Things on RentEra?
Answer:  You can earn a passive income (Through rental charges). You can do Free Advertisement of your Products. You can get more customers, If you already have any Rental Business.
    Is Renting out our Product is safe on RentEra?
Answer: Yes, you will personally give the product to the person who is in need of it. You can take his documents for example Pan, Driving license, Passport ,Voter Id card as assurance and also some Advance Payment.
    Can I take products on Rent from RentEra?
Answer: Yes, Absolutely in an Affordable Prices. You can count on us.
    What about Delivery Options?
Answer: There are two Delivery Options
1) Self Delivery:By using this option Lessor and lessee gets connected to each other at their places. The dealing of the delivery should be done by the Lessor and the Lessee. It is cost Effective and Time Saving.
2) Automated Delivery:Automated Delivery means we are going to collaborate with other Delivery Platforms. They will Deliver the product from Point A to B. This method is the safest one but It is a little expensive option.
    How many days will it take. If, I order a product on rent and opted for delivery through third party(Automated Delivery) ?
Answer: You'll get it within 24Hrs or at max it takes upto 36Hrs.
    What type of Products can I give for Rent on RentEra?
Answer: Mostly all. Electronics, Furniture, Books, vehicle, Home Appliances, Property(Flats, Rooms). Mostly all the products which can be given on Rental Basis.
    Do we need to pay for keeping our Products on RentEra?
Answer: No. You can keep unlimited products on our Platform at free of cost.
    How can we know that product is in good Condition?
Answer: Every product on RentEra gets Verified by our Team before publisihing it on our platform. Every product has its own ratings and Reviews.
    How to know that Lessor/Lessee is trust worthy?
Answer: Every Lessor and Lessee will have their own ratings. You can pick up the Lessor/Lessee who has good Ratings.
    How can we Earn Money from RentEra?
Answer: You just need to keep your unused/Rarely used products on our platform for Rent. Your product will be used by the people who are in need of that Product. They will pay for your product on Rental Basis. This is how one can earn money by simply sitting in their Homes.
    Where to contact if having some troubles in Adding my Products?
Answer: You can Ping us on our social media platforms. Instagram ID:rentera_official or you can mail us on our email Id : renteraltd@gmail.com, or you can contact our team : Rahil: 9573142847, Azeem: 8897808844 or you can Contact us here.